Let The Holiday Madness Begin

Photo By: David Wenger

The leaves on the trees are in their final process of their transformation. They are preparing for a long winter along with all other living creatures. I have found this time of year can be particularly daunting. The thoughts of wishing it would just cool down in the midst of the dog days of summer, are now a distant dream. We wonder why we ever asked for the colder weather. Unless you are one of those types of people who embrace the cold! As we gather the last of any crop that lingered in our gardens, and we put away our boats, summer toys, close the pools and prepare for the weather ahead, Its good to mindfully look back at the precious moments you experienced over this past year. From the moments that the spring flowers started to poke through the cold hard ground and we arose from our hibernation to sunshine and starting our beloved gardens. Commemorate the summer nights filled with campfires, friends, fishing, boating and the days spent laying under the sun on the beach as you listened to the sound of the waves wash ashore.

Its important to take the time now to reflect on all of these moments because it seems as though the moment the clock strikes midnight on Halloween night, Christmas and Holiday madness begins. The rush to plan family get-togethers and starting to crossing things off your Christmas list start to take over. Its seems like it becomes two months of constant holiday cheer.

This Thanksgiving, be sure to allow yourself to be present in the moment. Share a laugh with your loved ones. Don’t worry too much about being the first one in the line at the store that night for Black Friday. I always thought it was funny how someone can go from being thankful for what they have one moment, to fighting over the “hot new toy” with others in a store just a few hours later. Be kind to one another and be kind to yourself.

So as the frost covers the trees and we snuggle under our blankets ready to settle in for the winter, try not to let your mind become as grey and foggy as the clouds above. Let the laughter and light in others be the laughter and light in you.


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