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Fun, Trendy Jewelry That Has A Lifetime Warranty! My Show Ends Feb. 4th 2018!

Today I hosted a Premier Jewelry party at my home. It was a fun way to get some friends together, vedge out on snacks and spend some time with my friends. I had heard of these kinds of parties before but always avoided them because I didn’t want to be pressured into buying things I didn’t want or need. Maybe you have felt that way too?

I must say I was pleasantly surprised how laid back everything was and there was no pressure to actually buy anything. No, Really…

When I looked at the jewelry, I found a ton of stuff that I actually really liked! There are different collections and styles, so it is not difficult to find things that fit your personality. Sometimes the prices have steered me away from buying particular pieces, but after learning everything you buy comes with a LIFETIME guarantee, I saw how the price was COMPLETELY worth it. If anything breaks, you just send it back in and they will replace it for you. If something breaks years down the road and you send it in to be fixed and they don’t have that in stock anymore, you can pick a new piece to replace it!!

I wanted to share this with you guys because not only is this a fun, trendy jewelry line, It also supports someone who is breaking away from the regular day to day grind and creating their own flexible financial future!

If you want to learn about becoming a Premier Seller, you can find information on the link provided. If you love some of this jewelry (like me), you can order from the link below until Sunday, February 4th!


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Make sure to choose Jen’s Show at checkout!


I have spent SO much time looking for promo codes, coupons, and codes to make sure I pay the lowest price I can (and if you are reading this, I’m sure you have too). This is a browser extension that makes life much easier! When you go to a website and are looking at buying something, #HONEY finds all of the best promo codes and coupons and will also show if it is a good time to buy due to the websites price changes!


On top of that, you can get hidden rewards for discount hotels and more. I am still finding new ways to make this website work for me!

It really can’t get much better than this. I find great discounts so I am saving money without ever leaving the site you are shopping on.
You earn rewards for getting others to join as well! So please click the link below for my referral to get started! Having others join through me makes it easier to spend time finding the best REAL apps/discounts!

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Get REAL gift cards EASY using Swag-Bucks!

I have spent countless hours trying to find legitimate ways to earn extra cash from home, find awesome deals to save my family and I money and use apps that actually offer REAL rewards. It can be frustrating because you usually end up with a TON of spam calls and e-mails, scam after scam and so much wasted time. My goal is to bring others ways that I have found and personally tested so you don’t have to waist all of that time yourself. I will give a full and honest review of what I have done with each promoted link, how much I have seen back and tips/tricks to make more yourself! 


This is one of my personal favorite ways to earn rewards/money, find awesome deals and pass my time while working to earn something for that time.

Just by clicking my link below and signing up for swag-bucks yourself, you will earn “Swag Points”. You can redeem these points for gift cards of your choice or use them to enter other sweepstakes and contests. I have found that you need less points using swag-bucks to actually get gift cards for yourself then most other apps like this.

You can earn “Swag Points” by taking real surveys (If you qualify), watching videos (easy to play videos and let them continue to run while you walk away and do other things), play games (I have yet to do this part so I am not sure how that is), Discover cool new shopping ideas/subscriptions etc (great way to earn a bunch of points and discover new things you would not have otherwise known about), Cashback for your everyday online shopping (make sure you check that you will earn swag points for the category you are shopping for before hand..but they are usually good with covering most categories) and referring your friends/family or on your websites.

One example of how I made money using swag-bucks is that I saw a deal if you signed up for Hulu. I don’t remember exactly how many points it was worth but it ended up giving me enough points to get a $25 Gift card for Amazon (that was my choice, but they offer many other gift cards as well). I already had a Hulu subscription but saw it was going to be renewing in a few days. I canceled my subscription, and signed back up through swag-bucks. I waited a few days for the points to clear and redeemed my $25 gift card for Not only did I get a FREE gift card, I also ended up saving $2 a month for my Hulu subscription. It really was THAT EASY!!

You need to read the details of how to get the swag points, and i highly suggest exploring the website, blog, and social media accounts so you can get as much as you can out of this. I am still learning new ways to earn points as well! Social media pages have special codes that come up which you can in turn redeem for free points.

So many other apps and sites like this may be similar, but swag-bucks has shown me the highest rate of return for the amount of time and effort I put into it.

If you have not tried it out yet, click on the link below and start earning points! If you sign up through my link, you will get 300 SB (swag points) which as today (January 6th 2018) you can get a free $5 MasterCard gift card for ONLY 480 SB. That means you just need 180 SB to get that which can be done with one simple other task!

I hope you guys like it as much as me. This will probably not create enough of an income to live off of (unless maybe you shop ALL the time) but it is a great way to earn money for the shopping you would already be doing and more!



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