Do You Usually Go With Serious Or Funny Greeting Cards?

I am starting a line of greeting cards! This is the first one to be posted. What do you guys think? There is a link below where you can check back to see new cards! I always love to hear you guys feedback so leave me a message saying what card you will be buying next! Funny or serious? I am a pun lover so expect to see a bunch of fun pun greating cards!


Enlightened Life Store Is Now Open!!

I have been working on bunch of projects and working to set up Enlightened Life Store and ITS FINALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

I will be adding new items to the store on a regular bases so be sure to keep checking back!

** I also do personalized and custom work by request, So if you see things that spark your interest and would like to have something made custom to you, Send an e-mail with what you would like done! **

Are you getting ready to have a wedding and looking for personalized signs? Do you want something to commemorate your friends or family? Maybe you are looking for new décor for your home! We do it all!





~Also Featured in collections is Stoney Creek Creations by Nichole Nice~

Check Out Stoney Creek Creations Here!

Getting ready for Spring…

I started my chili pepper plants a little early this year.  They seem to be doing alright, but have been bending and reaching to try to get more sunlight.  I decided to try out a new led #growlight strip to try to boost their ability to photosynthesize.

           So far it seems like a great product; inexpensive and easy to install and use.  I made a small L-shaped frame for the lighting using an 8 ft. furring strip and a couple small screws. It is wedged into the window so that I can avoid putting holes in the window frame. This also allows me to move it upward easily as the plants grow.


The only criticism I have with the product is that the adhesive backing wasn’t sticky enough to hold permanently (at least to unfinished wood) but I used u-shape wire clips to hold it up so it was only a minor nuisance. All in all, I am very pleased with this led light strip.  Time will tell how effective it is. Hopefully, this provides enough additional light to keep the plants going until it’s warm enough to bring them outside.  I will be sure to do a few updates on the progress of the plants.


Olympic spirit should be our default setting. #OlympicPeace

It is a beautiful thing to see, athletes from all over the world joining together for a week of competition, sportsmanship, and peace. The Olympics represents the unity and camaraderie that we, as residents of Planet Earth, can share. Nations long at war, put aside their differences for a time, in favor of fairness and athletic achievement.

This way of treating our fellow human beings, does not have to be a one week phenomenon, only possible every two or four years. We must attempt to seek common ground and shared goals on a daily basis. Athletes and Artists have long led the way in unifying our world. We can live in a world of peace and even use our pain and pride and violent instincts to bring joy instead of more suffering. So, create, compete, and coexist. We are more than just the sum of our parts.

Fun, Trendy Jewelry That Has A Lifetime Warranty! My Show Ends Feb. 4th 2018!

Today I hosted a Premier Jewelry party at my home. It was a fun way to get some friends together, vedge out on snacks and spend some time with my friends. I had heard of these kinds of parties before but always avoided them because I didn’t want to be pressured into buying things I didn’t want or need. Maybe you have felt that way too?

I must say I was pleasantly surprised how laid back everything was and there was no pressure to actually buy anything. No, Really…

When I looked at the jewelry, I found a ton of stuff that I actually really liked! There are different collections and styles, so it is not difficult to find things that fit your personality. Sometimes the prices have steered me away from buying particular pieces, but after learning everything you buy comes with a LIFETIME guarantee, I saw how the price was COMPLETELY worth it. If anything breaks, you just send it back in and they will replace it for you. If something breaks years down the road and you send it in to be fixed and they don’t have that in stock anymore, you can pick a new piece to replace it!!

I wanted to share this with you guys because not only is this a fun, trendy jewelry line, It also supports someone who is breaking away from the regular day to day grind and creating their own flexible financial future!

If you want to learn about becoming a Premier Seller, you can find information on the link provided. If you love some of this jewelry (like me), you can order from the link below until Sunday, February 4th!


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Make sure to choose Jen’s Show at checkout!